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Communication today is everything. Image is the essence of communication. Choose 3D and update to our time.

The absence of limits is at the centre of our imagination. 3D is our job, our reality. Quality is our objective: to make our performance the best one. Your requests are at the real core of our attention: our maximum care in the minimum details. Continuous updating and constant research are the added value to our signature.

Rely on our skills. 3D can really represent the turning instrument for your business. Follow the advices suggested by our staff and choose the best solution for your product. Improvement today is necessary. Why don't you tell us?

Communicating through images is our aim. Communicating is also our way.

Young, active, innovative. This is the team of our 3D graphics studio. Professional skills and Passion are our leading keywords. This is our unique and true special effect. Our 360° competences complete our service for you.

What we do

Starting from technical drawings, photos or simple draft, we can animate your products.

Modelling is the first and necessary step in the process of creation in order to obtain a three dimensions image of your product. It consists in making or converting, through specific softwares, the geometries of an all-round object in 360 degrees, modelling it exactly as you would do in sculpture. It is a fundamental phase in every way: for your company, too.

In fact, modelling can open up infinite opportunities of computer graphics. The next step is up to you: would you like images for your catalogue or a video illustrating to the best the characteristics of your products and differentiating you from your competitors or - again - a configurator which would visualize all the finishes, details and colours?

We can give life to images photographically “impossible” by graphically rendering everything that – by now – you can only imagine.

We can render completely virtual photorealistic images or, if the project should require, integrate the virtual part into a part of photographs.

Creating materials without manifacturing defects, figuring an exploded view of your product or simply representing it perfectly, going beyond technical limits imposed by photography. We can do all this.

With 24 images per second, our professionality and passion, a touch of creativity and the adequate amount of time we can give life to your products by animating them.

We can realize short videos and spots completely 3D, with animations ranging from mechanical handlings to physically correct fluid simulations, through camera animations and slowmotions. Only a video can be of more certain impact and more explanatory than an image.

It is a pleasure for us to listen to our clients and understand their real needs and to then propose a solution, by respecting their fixed budgets. 3D animation can really support you in promoting the image of your company. Contact us and we will show you tha way.

Imagine you can have your products, in all possible materials, finishes and dimensions, updated to the last changes you have just made and presented in the best way, always with you.

We can provide you for instruments, in addition to images. For example, a 360 degrees configurator can allow you to an all around photorealistic view of your products, with the possibility to change materials, web, PC or tablet friendly. The same principles can also be applied to the walk-through spaces and their furnishings.

The 360 degrees configurator is also usually used in architecture in the ante or post operam phase or in order to display the wide range of optional styles to be presented to clients, also with the possibility to test different lightings.

Constant research and continuous updating are fundamental points in the way we conceive 3D.

Our passion for the three-dimensions goes beyond professionality, so our thirst for knowledge rarely gets satisfied. For this reason, we keep on studying and documenting constantly: not only for catching up with times, but also, even, for providing you for instruments and technologies before they are placed on at the disposal of your competitors.

Curiosity and Passion are our engine, in addition to (obviously) pixels!


Your products become the objects of our ideas. Our ideas become your 3D images.
Our mission is making 3D for you. Our product is the rendering, the final moment of 3D creation. From images, to videos. We are ready to evaluate with you all the possibilities to exalt the characteristics of your product.

By the way...

Always the image

Our starting point, 30 years ago, was photography. Today, the landing point is 3D. The image has always been our core value.

Here we are born

2009. Our story was born: the PixelEngine studio was established as spin-off of the ABCDE photographic studio. Objective: choosing the innovation.

A whole different story

Why? Because 3D graphics make a clean break to the costs of photo shots and, not only that, the technical limits imposed by photography are cut-off at once.

It is also eco-friendly!

We just need CAD drawings or technical indications in order to model an object. No movement of freight, no investment of time or energy is required.

It is economical

Just think of the reduction of environmental and economic impact you can obtain with a 3D catalogue compared with a photographic one. Not to mention the prototype: you can conveniently avoid its creation in order to have the images you have requested.

It is ecological

Material, time, people, road transport savings: 3D allows you to save for your company and for environment. Economy today becomes ethical. For you, for others, you can respect environment. You can choose to live better.

Showreel 2015

An animated portfolio collecting all our non-commercial creations. Beyond this video there is our need for an everyday search of new challanges and fields where all our passion and professionality can be experimented. Without lacking that extra little touch of originality and creativity.


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