Frequently asked questions.
Why should I professionally convert from photography to 3D?

First of all to cut down costs. For renders following the initial phase, you can definitely and sharply cut down costs compared with photography. Therefore, over the long term, surely convenience is evident. To be ecological. We just need CAD drawings or technical indications in order to model an object. No movement of freight, no investment of time or energy is required. To be updated. In this way, you can really increase the possibilities of your business.

Which are the advantages I can obtain by choosing 3D?

Once the engineering phase is completed in your company, with 3D you can immediately have the possibility to display your product photorealistically. This may be useful to you in order to provide images to your suppliers and to have direct feedbacks from your clients, avoiding the use of prototype. Furthermore, you can display the combinations of colours or, if necessary, manufacturing defects, thus making unnececessary further interventions. Moreover, you can customize your product at very low costs, proceeding towards its advanced and modular personalization.

What about costs?

Due to the innumerable variables involved in the individual works, a cost already fixed in advance would not be professional. On the other hand, we think it would be professional listening to your ideas, showing you our previous works, concretely understanding your preferences and requirements, in order to formulate an estimate customized for you.

What should a company provide you with for starting a project?

Neither the product nor the prototype is necessary. For the modelling, which is the first and indispensable step for 3D, only technical drawings are required. They can be 2D (CAD or planning) or 3D (Step, Iges or Dxf).

How long does it take?

It depends on the complexity of the rendering requested. For example, if a video or simply images are demanded. Furthermore, it depends also on the accuracy and the material provided by the company when the modelling phase begins. In order to give you an idea, a week is required to realize our T-rex organic model, while the image of a simple object takes just some hours.

Is it ecological?

We just need CAD drawings or technical indications in order to model an object . No movement of freight, no investment of time or energy is required. Just think of the reduction of environmental and the economic impact you can obtain with a 3D catalogue compared with a photographic one. Not to mention the prototype: you can conveniently avoid its creation in order to have the images you have requested. Material, time, people, road transport savings: 3D allows you to save for your company and for environment. Economy today becomes ethical. For you, for others, you can respect environment. You can choose to live better.

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